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Mobile Film Office Black History Feature

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Mobile Film Office features Princess Miller for Black History Month 2024

For Black History Month, we wanted to celebrate some of our local creatives. Meet Princess T. M. Miller, MSEB. Princess is an alumni of the University of South Alabama as well as Full Sail University. She has over 20 years of experience in video productions. Her company, Princess Creative Productions, is based in Mobile, AL. Princess has produced TV commercials and shows for Comcast (Alabama), Mediacom (Alabama & Florida), Life TV (Chickasaw), Charter Cable (Atlanta and Birmingham), PTWWN (Atlanta), Destiny Television (Atmore), and HULU.

Princess has worked in multiple creative positions as a television director, producer, videographer, photographer, writer, editor, graphic designer, voice talent, and instructor / trainer. She is a former instructor at USA’s Continuing Education Summer Camp where she taught Intro to Video Editing and Intro to Movie Making to kids ages 8 to 16 years. She won an Addy, The Grind Small Business Award and was nominated for a CableFaxie Award. Princess also won 2nd place in the pitch contest and graduated from USA’s Minority Business Accelerator and graduated from the MAWSS Mentor Protégé Cohort 5. Her passion is to offer affordable and professional creative services for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her company has hosted classroom trips to groups from Accel Charter Middle School and High School and a youth group from Atmore. She also mentored college interns from Spring Hill College and the University of South Alabama. She also mentored small business owners through the USA’s Minority Business Accelerator where one of her students went on to win 1st Place in the pitch contest. She has been featured in several online publications including VoyageATL, CanvasRebel, and Shoutout Atlanta. Princess is also a conference speaker. She has spoken on many church programs, conferences, seminars, and youth groups.

Princess also hosts the "Color Outside The Box" Podcast which you can stream on Spotify and several other podcast platforms. She is the former marketing director of the Mobile Area Interfaith Conference and the multimedia director for Rightly Dividing the Word Church. She sits on the board for the Champion Kids Foundation which is an organization in Mobile that helps arm young girls with the essential educational tools and strong foundational knowledge to become equipped to enter the world. To learn more about Princess Creative Productions and Champion Kids Foundation be sure to check out the links below.

Princess Creative Productions


Champion Kids Foundation

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Community Highlights: Meet Princess Miller of Princess Creative Productions

Today we’d like to introduce you to Princess Miller.

Hi Princess, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
Princess Creative Productions started as Royal Productions, back in 2008. I was a TV Producer working for the local cable affiliate producing TV commercials and TV shows for the local cable access channels. I had a dream in high school of one day having my own TV show as a video jockey just like the ones I grew up watching on MTV. I wanted my show to be called “Gospel Hits 1”. After I became a TV producer I started emailing record companies and gospel music artists for copies of their music videos. I was producing the show so as the producer I needed a name to attach at the end of my shows. I created the name of Royal Productions. I co-hosted, wrote, and produced the show along with my co-host, Cory P. who is now Councilman Cory Penn. The show opened the doors for us to interview many national and local gospel recording artists. We were on Youtube, Medicacom Cable, and Comcast Cable. We had a ball. But I didn’t know where to take the show or how to grow my production company.


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Meet Princess Miller

We were lucky to catch up with Princess Miller recently and have shared our conversation below:

Princess, appreciate you joining us today. One deeply underappreciated facet of entrepreneurship is the kind of crazy stuff we have to deal with as business owners. Sometimes it’s crazy positive sometimes it’s crazy negative, but crazy experiences unite entrepreneurs regardless of industry. Can you share a crazy story with our readers?

Don’t fall for deceptions….

Shoutout Atlanta

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We had the good fortune of connecting with Princess Miller, MSEB and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Princess, why did you pursue a creative career?
Church is how I got started in my creative career. My pastor told me at the age of 19 that he wanted to start a TV broadcast and Radio show and he wanted me to be the head of the TV ministry and the voice of the radio show. I was terrified… I didn’t want to let the ministry down. At the time I was studying broadcast journalism at the University of South Alabama. So I took on more production classes with my core classes so when my church was ready for radio and TV I knew what to do. So fast forward a year later I went to WLVV 1410AM with my pastor to do the voice over for our 1st radio broadcast and was offered a job as on air talent. A few years later I was the head of the television ministry. It was challenging but I learned about working with clients, the importance of making deadlines and so much more that prepared me to do what I am doing now. Today I am the owner and creative sage of Princess Creative Productions LLC, a black owned creative agency in Mobile, Alabama. My company offers over 20 different services ranging from video production, photography, graphic design, and websites. We have service over 200 clients in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. So I guess you can say the desire to represent my church with the upmost professionalism and production knowledge as it relates to TV and Radio is what caused me to pursue my creative career. When I finished school I learned I loved working behind the scenes more than in front of the camera, although I am not afraid of a stage, a mic, or a camera. I am not afraid to walk in my purpose and my purpose is all of it.


Princess Miller, VoyageATL

Today we’d like to introduce you to Princess Miller.

Hi Princess, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I remember as a kid, my uncle asked my cousins and I what we wanted to be when we grew up. The answer that flew out of my mouth was, “I want to be the president of a company.” I didn’t know where that answer came from and as I reflected back, I heard the answer before I blurted it out. As time rocked on, I kept that dream in the back of my mind but I didn’t know how it was going to come to pass. In high school, I was in several clubs and organizations but the one I remember the most and gave me the most joy was working on stage crew. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was elected stage crew manager. That experience taught me so much and helped with my career. I went on to study television production and broadcast journalism at the University of South Alabama. While in college I worked for a local radio station as an on-air talent and at a local television station in traffic and master control.

NSpire U Online Magazine

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Back in 2014, I decided to challenge my kids, Timethy age 9 and Kayla age 8 at the time, to create a business. I sat them down and explained what a business is and that they could make their own money from it. Initially they didn't think they could do it, but I walked them through every aspect of it; giving them an opportunity to vote on every decision. I wanted to teach them something my husband and I were never taught as children, and I wanted them to work together. Since they are so close in age, they have always been the best of the friends, but little did I know at the time what this idea would spark in them. They created a business name (Tim and Kay's Enterprises), ...

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