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Created by Princess Productions 2016

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Princess Creative Productions began as Royal Productions in 2009 offering editing services and television production training to local churches on the Gulf Coast. In 2012, the name was changed to Princess Video Productions and the vision was expanded to include television production, photography, editing services, and graphic design. And with the help of a former business partner, Virtuous Branding Group was formed to support the visions' expansion offering brand creation, marketing consultation, media buying, website design, and social media management. We have now combined Princess Video Productions and Virtuous Branding Group into Princess Creative Productions to better communicate the array of services we offer. Princess Creative Productions is well on the way to becoming a marketing giant in the city of Mobile.

We work with small to medium size businesses and churches to help you reach your marketing goals and bring your product, service, and brand to the market place. Our vast experience in radio, television, digital marketing, and print advertisement is what makes us a sought after partner.  No matter what your goal is, we can help you achieve it and within your budget. Come by and speak with one of our professionals and let's make your dream a reality. 

Meet the Creative Sage

Meet the People Behind the Creative Corner:

Television Director/ Television Producer/

Videographer/ Photographer

Writer/ Editor/ Graphic Designer

Voice Talent/ Instructor/ Trainer/

Brand Creator

Princess Miller, M.S.E.B.


-17yrs. Television Production

- 6yrs. Social Media Management

- 5yrs. Brand Identity and Logo/Slogan Creation

- 4yrs. Marketing and PR 



-Bachelor of Arts in Communication

-Master of Science in Entertainment Business

- Produced/Shot/Edited/Written 7 television shows and over 1,000 commercials

-Produced over 300 radio ads and public service announcements


Awards and Recognitions

-Nominated for a Cable Faxie Award

-2013 Addy winner for Cinematography for Waterville USA

Boards and Committees 

Re-Elect Mayor Troy Ephriam Prichard Mayor Executive Board 2016 

 • Communications (Videography, Photography, Social Media Management)

Re-Elect Councilman CJ Small District 3
 • Marketing (Videography, Website, Photography, and Social Media Management)
Prima Theatre for the Arts 2017
  • Christmas Informance 2016, Cinderella 2017 Spring Recital, and Christmas Jubilee Remix 2017
    (Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Promotions, and Social Media Management)
  • Christmas Performance (Videography, Tickets and Flyer Design)
  • 2018 Spring Recital: Once Upon A Time in Oz (Videography, Ticket/Website Design, and Promotions)
Elect Sam Jones Mobile Mayor 2017 
 • Videography and Photography
 The Awakening: The Young Entreprenuers and Small Business Awards & Gala
 • 2017: Ticket and Flyer Designs, Social Media Teasers, Show Graphics, and Videography
 • 2018 Ticket and Flyer Designs Show Graphics, and Videography
Elect Henry Haseeb House District 99 2018
 • Communications (Videography, Photography, Flyer, Banners, Ribbons, Yard Signs, and Social Media Management)
Gulf Coast Challenge 2018
 • Director of Communications (Photography, Videography, Social Media Management)